Solar Power

Solar power has tremendous potential from photovoltaic panels that store energy in batteries for private use to large scale solar plants on land and in the sea. The radiation that strikes the Earth’s surface each year is more than 10,000 times the world’s energy use.

New technologies are constantly emerging to harness this potential.

Underwater Turbines

These underwater structures are designed to convert a portion of the flow of the Gulf Stream through turbines to generate clean electric power.

These slow rotating turbines would have a centrifugal separator and deflectors to prevent harm to marine life.

Bering Strait Dam

A land bridge or tunnel might be constructed across the Bering Strait. The primary function of this span would be to generate electrical power and house facilities for collecting and processing marine products. Beneath and above the ocean surface would be tunnels for the transport of both passengers and freight. Not only could this structure provide a physical link between Asia and North America, it could also serve as an avenue for social and cultural exchange. This land bridge would perhaps serve as a base for the development of clean fusion power. Pipelines to conduct fresh water from melting icebergs to other parts of the world may also be incorporated.

Geothermal Energy

As refinements in conversion technologies increase its feasibility, geothermal energy will come to take on a more prominent role.

Readily available in various geographical regions throughout the world, both on land and under the sea, this energy source alone could provide enough clean energy for the next thousand years.